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overkill / выход за рамки разумного, выход за рамки дозволенного
имя существительное
выход за рамки разумного
выход за рамки дозволенного
имя существительное
the amount by which destruction or the capacity for destruction exceeds what is necessary.
the existing nuclear overkill
More than eight ounces is getting too close to overkill .
the existing nuclear overkill
Isn't adding a second bomb a bit of cinematic overkill ?
While it may seem like overkill , the military was finally satisfied.
It sounds a bit like overkill , but one on each arm, matched with front and rear lights covers all the angles.
Lastly, this keeping of the suspense for a whole week is a bit of overkill .
A surround mix would have been nice, but probably overkill .
If your company's goal is to use learning as a core retention strategy, that seems like overkill .
If wiring the wine cellar for an Internet connection seems like overkill , consider the possibilities for the pampered homeowner.
animators now face a dilemma of technology overkill