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overindulge / злоупотреблять, чрезмерно баловать
abuse, misuse, overuse, overindulge, trespass, misapply
чрезмерно баловать
have too much of something enjoyable, especially food or drink.
it is easy to overindulge in these kinds of foods
Just as it's easy to overindulge your child, it's easy to neglect him or her as you become mired in your own legal and emotional work.
They micromanage and overindulge in the notes they've gobbled up at coaching clinics.
That is, all you have to do is overindulge the animals to make them perfectly happy, and it means you can slap together an exhibit with very little thought or effort.
it is easy to overindulge in these kinds of food
We binge on the wrong foods, overindulge in caffeine and are exposed to environmental toxins.
it is easy to overindulge in these kinds of foods
Given their love of luxe, Leos tend to overindulge in delectably unnecessary high-fat and sugary goodies.
So get plenty of rest, don't overindulge in food or alcohol, and don't overschedule.
In intimate surroundings of dark wood and starched white linens it is difficult to resist the temptation to overindulge in the luxurious treats on offer.
As family and friends deck the tables with platters of rich foods and sinful treats, it's almost inevitable that you'll overindulge in some favorite dish or delicacy.