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overheat / перегрев
имя существительное
overheat, overheating, superheat
overheat, superheat, parboil
overheat, overtemper
make or become too hot.
her car started to overheat
(of a country's economy) show marked inflation when increased demand results in rising prices rather than increased output.
lending rates could soar as the economy overheats
in 1987 the Treasury had allowed the economy to overheat
her car started to overheat
Two million cars overheat daily in smog-choked traffic jams on the ever-increasing suite of 12-lane ringroads.
The IMF is worried China's economy could overheat and generate a troubling inflation that would raise the risk of an economic crash.
It was feared the gas contents could overheat and destroy the car workshop.
her car started to overheat
But rapid exports and investment demand have led to concerns that the Chinese economy could overheat .
My car decided to overheat intermittently, the iPod started to skip, and my phone decided it wouldn't recognise its SIM card.
If they stay too low, the economy would overheat .
However, rapid export and investment demand have led to concerns that the economy could overheat .