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overhear / подслушивать, нечаянно услышать
bug, overhear, eavesdrop
нечаянно услышать
hear (someone or something) without meaning to or without the knowledge of the speaker.
I couldn't help overhearing your conversation
There are occasions when you overhear a bit of someone else's conversation and wish that you'd been eavesdropping properly.
Do you really want to overhear his cooing conversations with another girl?
Not meaning to overhear his conversation I continued walking until I heard his words.
The researchers will also note every time they hear or overhear the words being used in conversation.
I overhear the tail-end of a conversation my sister is having with someone or other.
It's so telling to watch body language or eavesdrop and overhear conversations.
She placed the baby back in its bed and tried to overhear the conversation right outside her room door.
However, children are knowledgeable and overhear a great deal.
Children will hear conversations and overhear information on radio, TV and from the playground network.
All of a sudden, she spoke clearly and he could overhear snatches of the conversation.