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overhand / производимый сверху вниз, зашитый через край
имя прилагательное
производимый сверху вниз
зашитый через край
имя прилагательное
(chiefly of a throw or a stroke with a racket) made with the hand or arm passing above the level of the shoulder.
pitch overhand
The measured ball velocities at the release of overhand throws in competitive male water polo players have ranged from 16.5 to 19.9 meters/second.
Previous studies have documented the consistent changes seen in musculature and bone and have documented changes in range of motion in the dominant shoulder of the overhand throwing athlete.
He continued, ‘Even guys who throw overhand but rely on movement and control get ignored.’
an overhand grip
Every overhand stroke they made resulted in a point.
He came through the system as a catcher, and his instinctual throwing motion has him bringing his hand back near his ear for the overhand throw to second.
The concern with a sidearm passer is defenders will be able to bat down more of his passes at the line than those thrown by quarterbacks with overhand deliveries.
He throws with an overhand motion, releasing the ball before he steps into the crease, usually bouncing the ball on the ground to make it harder for the pie-eater to pick up.
This study is a step in determining the relationship between the bony architecture of the shoulder complex and glenohumeral range of motion in this particular overhand throwing athlete population.
Although this case was most likely uncommon, the mechanism reported here may be responsible for shoulder pain in overhand throwing athletes who do not have evidence of gross instability.