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overfull / переполненный, чрезмерно повышенный
имя прилагательное
crowded, overflowing, overcrowded, packed, full, overfull
чрезмерно повышенный
имя прилагательное
containing an excessive amount of something.
an overfull cup of tea
While those overfull metro busses chug along in special transit lanes, Port of Seattle officials are stuck in traffic somewhere in the other nine lanes, watching the global economy roar past on the shoulder.
We make sure there are no broken bottles on the floor and that the bin does not get overfull .
I arrived back at my desk feeling slightly sleepy from the lovely sunshine, and overfull from the heavy chocolate torte I'd had for desert.
I was trying desperately to push my books into my overfull bag when Sara passed me another piece of paper.
We were overfull , according to the health codes, but people kept dropping off animals when we were closed.
When our universities are underfunded, and overfull , it's time to stop the fever.
That's mostly because Canadian country music, he maintains, is already overfull with clichés about the American south.
I hadn't checked it in awhile and knew it would be overfull , more than likely.
On the other hand, the ITV schedule seems overfull with murder.
But although the film seems sometimes overfull of characters, the fine acting comes in such generous quantities that the angels will sing hallelujahs in your head.