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overfly / перелетать, летать дальше
flit, overfly
летать дальше
fly over (a place or territory).
the first airship to overfly the North Pole
The Australian space safety regime has been modelled on the US rules, but has been made even tighter because some of the rockets will have to overfly the Australian mainland.
overfly the radio beacon by approximately 15 seconds
overfly the radio beacon by approximately fifteen seconds
Please contact Syrian air control and arrange for us permission to overfly Syrian airspace en route to Baghdad.
Nato is sending a surveillance plane to overfly the city
the first airship to overfly the North Pole
The government granted permission for US military aircraft to land and overfly Ireland only on the basis that they are not part of any military operation.
Then, continue climbing in the pattern and overfly the runway so you leave the airport with good altitude already in the bank.
The dispute began when Russia blocked Air Canada from overflights on its new Toronto-Delhi nonstop, saying it was outside the agreed treaty.
We now understand that helicopters are overflying the Green Zone.