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overflow / переполнение, перелив, избыток
имя существительное
overflow, repletion
excess, surplus, abundance, glut, overflow, overabundance
overfill, overflow, brim over, overbrim
overfill, overflow, overwhelm, overcrowd, cram, congest
переливаться через край
overflow, overbrim, brim over, overrun, wash over, run over
имя существительное
the excess or surplus not able to be accommodated by an available space.
to accommodate the overflow, five more offices have been built
(in a bathtub or sink) an outlet for excess water.
When we checked with the building department, the local inspector told us that the water heater is correctly installed and that the overflow pipe complies with the intent of the building code.
the generation of a number or some other data item that is too large for an assigned location or memory space.
This may result in unexpected application behavior, accessing a defunct application, incomplete database records or buffer overflow .
(especially of a liquid) flow over the brim of a receptacle.
chemicals overflowed from a storage tank
Around them, ashtrays overflow , piled high, one on top of the other.
Your bath should have an overflow to meet modern plumbing regulations.
By daybreak the yards that back onto Ten-Mile Creek were filled with its overflow .
There were poignant scenes among the overflow congregation as the community came together in sadness and grief to pay their respects to Danny and show their support for the bereaved family.
An overflow audience was intently learning the signs and, like a sing-along at a concert, doing a sign-along.
When the water got cold I kicked the faucet and let it run until water gurgled into the overflow .
For some years now, residents have been struggling with the problem of septic overflow resulting in sewerage running onto the streets and creating a health hazard and an unsightly environment.
Many of the overflow visitors scheduled to stay in Cancun have filled the resorts in the Riviera Maya.
In addition, safety features have been considered in the pond design to prevent overflow .
It's a simple buffer overflow , and should be patched within days.