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overestimate / переоценивать, составлять раздутую смету, завышать смету
overestimate, revalue, overrate, overvalue, re-evaluate, overprize
составлять раздутую смету
завышать смету
имя существительное
раздутая смета
слишком высокая оценка
завышенная смета
имя существительное
an excessively high estimate.
Such effects would include: overestimates or underestimates of results during the observation and recording phase of an experiment, errors in interpreting the data, and the fabrication of data.
estimate (something) to be better, larger, or more important than it really is.
his influence cannot be overestimated
The cash was found following an overestimate in the number of pupils who need to be funded through York's schools, and an underestimate of the amount of council tax that would be collected.
the figure of 30 per cent was an overestimate
By contrast, a random-sample study will never return an overestimate because it can never sample the rare event more than once.
We do not know whether the low response rate in our study produced an overestimate or underestimate of prevalence.
However, the ratio might be an overestimate since the liquid assay favors fast-growing type II cells.
The overestimate in the percentage within the membrane is likely to be a consequence of the low contrast at the membrane boundary.
The supposed overestimate was, in reality, part of a wider underestimate.
If so, my estimate of the total energy investment into gene expression will be an overestimate .
If he's trying to pick a fight to drum up some publicity, he's sorely overestimating the number of people who read this blog.
Also, cases could have selectively recalled exposures related to their infection status and may have differentially reported risk, resulting in overestimation of excess risk.