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overemphasize / придавать чрезмерное значение
придавать чрезмерное значение
overemphasize, overplay
place excessive emphasis on.
the importance of adequate preparation cannot be overemphasized
Likewise, labour laws and regulations overemphasize the protection of women.
Each one carries an inherent political bias that overemphasizes the representation of some form of interest and underemphasizes the remainder.
This shift in tone and look cannot be overemphasized .
The importance of citizens' full cooperation cannot be overemphasized for the success of the project, which will create a beautiful capital city for future generations.
It cannot be overemphasized that those promises must be sufficiently scrutinized and discussed because they are directly related to the interests of the people.
Therefore, such a practice that overemphasizes the role of the college entrance examination and ignores basic humanity should not be praised.
Given these economic circumstances, the role of economic planners in the government cannot be overemphasized .
It cannot be overemphasized that the prosecutors have the key to the success of the reform of their organization and to securing their long-desired independence and political neutrality.
On the one hand, it suggests that the administration has overemphasized the importance of demonstrating resolve as a means of advancing its interests.
It cannot be overemphasized that voters must make their decision based on facilitating a national leap forward by overcoming the difficulties at home and abroad.