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overeat / переедать, объедаться
overeat, overfeed, surfeit
overeat, gorge, stuff, engorge, overfeed, gormandize
eat too much.
the effect of overeating is weight gain
Notably, heavy alcohol use, overeating , and excessive smoking may also play a part.
In fact, the principal eating disorder in the United Kingdom today is overeating .
A denied craving can quickly spiral out of control, leading to bingeing or overeating .
Avoid overeating and drinking alcohol on the flight.
That was the only night I really felt close to overeating , partly because of the champagne and wine we drank.
This final principle would seem to be the easiest, seeing that most overeaters have a love affair with food.
A bowl of healthy soup gives you the biggest value for your caloric buck and keeps you from overeating during your main course.
When the study stopped, they started overeating .
She then found herself afflicted by a syndrome that has affected many of her peers - a round of dieting and overeating .
The sense of danger which occurs when you do not overeat feels greater than the suffering you experience because you are overeating .