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overdue / просроченный, запоздалый
имя прилагательное
overdue, outstanding, back
belated, late, overdue, tardy, later, dilatory
имя прилагательное
not having arrived, happened, or been done by the expected time.
the rent was nearly three months overdue
having been needed for some time.
reform is now overdue
Janelle, who is just 5ft 1in tall, went into labour when the baby was 12 days overdue .
She was born two weeks overdue at 10.08 am on January 29.
A hardened approach to this problem is long overdue , but it must have teeth.
Baillie's recent return to the form he showed in his youth is overdue .
I, for one, believe numerology is long overdue for a revival.
The amenities have not materialised and are now long overdue and residents are becoming uneasy about when they arrive.
In due course, the drug worked and the amazing little baby even went a week overdue .
I'm about three weeks overdue for my monthly snuffles, I reckon.
On Saturday I had a seriously overdue haircut, and changed the style a little bit
Regardless, council agreed, making an effort to fight the problem is long overdue .