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overdrive / переутомлять, загнать, перегонять
overdrive, overwork, overstrain, run down, drive, overweary
drive out, overdrive
surpass, distill, distil, ferry, outdistance, overdrive
имя существительное
ускоряющая передача
drive or work to exhaustion.
the overdriven mothers of ten or eleven hungry children
имя существительное
a gear in a motor vehicle providing a gear ratio higher than that of the drive gear or top gear, so that engine speed and fuel consumption are reduced in highway travel.
It offers smooth shifts and a wide spread of ratios that ideally suit the engine's characteristics - including a tall overdrive fifth gear for quiet, efficient highway cruising.
It is available in either a five speed manual or an electronically controlled four speed auto with electric overdrive .
Days after the wedding, the mania went into overdrive .
When you use overdrive on the highway, the car's engine speed decreases, reducing the amount of fuel used.
She flawlessly depicts a girl on the edge whose rebellion, in overdrive , is fueling self-destructive behavior.
As Ireland went into overdrive after the break, it was hard to believe they had been involved in such a scrap earlier on.
The transmissions will also generally run cooler under a heavy load if you shift down one gear out of overdrive .
The media went into overdrive at least a week in advance with daily warnings about the ‘big freeze’ to come.
They scored only one point in the remaining minutes while Mayo went into overdrive .
Most automatic transmission cars will have an overdrive button right on the gearshift.
The original three-speed standard transmission has been upgraded to a 700R four-speed automatic transmission with an overdrive lock-up converter.