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overdraft / превышение кредита, верхнее дутье
имя существительное
превышение кредита
overdraft, overdraught
верхнее дутье
overdraft, overdraught
имя существительное
a deficit in a bank account caused by drawing more money than the account holds.
But even so, much of a student's debt comes from bank overdrafts and credit cards and who could resist an easy-peasy way of getting shot of those?
customers will be given a guaranteed overdraft facility
when I left Cambridge I had a £900 overdraft
If you count your overdraft , credit card or loan as disposable income, you're wrong.
If you get an overdraft from a bank, terms and conditions, as they say, apply.
We'd all be miles better off if we could steer clear of expensive debts, such as overdrafts , credit cards, store credit, personal loans and so on.
Interest rates on credit cards, overdrafts and personal loans are usually multiples of what you receive for savings on deposit.
What's more, as well as interest on approved overdrafts , banks usually levy ongoing arrangement and review fees for larger overdraft limits.
Such products include personal loans, credit cards and overdrafts .
Do not include the payments you are supposed to make on any unsecured credit such as personal loans, overdrafts and credit cards at this stage.
Some issuers even allow you to transfer other expensive debts, such as overdrafts and loans, to a zero-interest deal.