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overdone / преувеличенный, утрированный, пережаренный
имя прилагательное
exaggerated, overdone, hyperbolical, fabulous, steep, hyperbolic
overdone, overacted
overdone, overcooked, overroasted
имя прилагательное
(of food) overcooked.
he sat there chewing his overdone steak
carried to excess; exaggerated.
an overdone show of camaraderie
do, use, or carry to excess; exaggerate.
dramatic yet never overdone
The mussels were plump and not overdone and the sauce with them very pleasant.
Indeed, the chicken breast and the leg of lamb came out a bit overdone and dry, as perhaps your grandmother's did.
They are not, then, overdone , either in quality or quantity.
The result is entirely natural; nothing is out of place, nothing is overdone .
The best songs here are elegant and catchy without being overdone .
The walnuts were a nice touch as was the mascarpone, which made it nice and creamy, but the rice was slightly overdone .
Not only that, but the loaf was overdone too.
The audio is solid, although the voice acting is overdone and melodramatic.
This was a generous portion and although one was overdone the rest were delicate, fresh and delicious with the brioche.
From the limp way they sat on his fork, though, the prawns looked overdone to me.