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overdo / переусердствовать, перебарщивать, переборщить
do, use, or carry to excess; exaggerate.
dramatic yet never overdone
By all means make it look appetising, but do not overdo the plate-decorating, nor feel you have to emulate restaurants, and stack everything up like the leaning tower of Pisa.
Winemakers can overdo the colour extraction and thus spoil the flavour.
Equally, don't overdo the concealer or your eyes will look like they've got white circles round them.
Most economists believe the EU will not overdo the increase in rates bearing in mind the delicate nature of the economic recovery currently underway.
You can, in short, overdo the pomp of sci-fi prophecy, the edge of quasi-religiosity that turns decently crafted fiction into something more grandiose.
Campaigners in the various health matters, especially, should realise that their messages are bound to fall on deaf ears when they overdo the exercises.
The consensus was that, although water was indeed a lovely thing to have in unlimited supply, we'd rather overdone it.
Unfortunately, some of these tracks suffer due to some rather overdone production.
Although the mint and cumin combined well, the meatballs were perhaps a little overdone .
The manual takes pains to underscore the ills of overdoing things .