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overcook / пережарить
overcook, overdo, overroast, burn to a cinder
cook too much or for too long.
don't overcook the vegetables
However, the restaurant's most unforgivable sin, for which the cook should be banished to Hades forever, was to overcook the pasta.
Because it cooks with steam, food can't burn, although it can overcook .
ensure that the food doesn't overcook during reheating
ensure that the food doesn't overcook during reheating
don't overcook the vegetables
Microwaves cook quickly, but not always evenly, making it possible to overcook or burn the outer edges while the centre is underdone.
don't overcook the vegetables
Don't forget, though, that asparagus is also delicious raw (with a taste surprisingly similar to that of fresh peas) and so always aim to undercook rather than overcook it.
But it was the addition of the bacon (not overcooked , not too salted) that brought this dish to life.
It was a homey little diner where the food might either be undercooked or overcooked , but thank the heavens it was real food.