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overcompensate / возмещать в избыточной степени
возмещать в избыточной степени
take excessive measures in attempting to correct or make amends for an error, weakness, or problem.
he was overcompensating for fears about the future
Resist the temptation to overcompensate for the extremes of one parent.
Often when a perfectionist fails to meet a goal - say, running six miles - she'll try to overcompensate by aiming even farther, so the next day she'll try for eight miles.
The writer's imagination tries to overcompensate for his creative block by riding roughshod over any possible allusion to reality in his domestic environment.
I think we designers are aware of this messiness, and overcompensate for it by attempting to obliterate every trace of it from our work.
And don't overcompensate by eating excessively at your next meal.
Her obsession with belonging and entitlement prompt her to overcompensate for attributes she lacks.
In other words, after the two workouts, your glycogen stores are so depleted that your body overcompensates by loading your muscles with more glycogen than normal.
But there is an actuality of financial interest which justifies disqualification because of the potential for bias, the fear of bias, or, if you like, overcompensation the other way.
Adam starts to lose his mind, Michael is terrified and Edward consistently overcompensates by turning everything into a joke.
He may have been overcompensating for the other side.