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overcharge / перезаряд, перезарядка, завышенная цена
имя существительное
recharge, reloading, overcharge
завышенная цена
overload, overburden, transship, supercharge, reload, overcharge
recharge, reload, overcharge
назначать завышенную цену
имя существительное
an excessive charge for goods or a service.
The deal varies from oil reserves to an overcharge for goods and service to a secret fund discovered in government accounts.
charge (someone) too high a price for goods or a service.
that makes it easy for wheeler-dealers to overcharge customers
put too much electric charge into (a battery).
You gently overcharge the batteries to make sure that the weakest cells are brought up to full charge.
Our client wonders in whose pocket this overcharge ended up.
large generators can overcharge batteries
Leaked internal e-mails appeared to reveal that, until last year, sales staff were encouraged to overcharge some customers for boiler and central heating installation.
Does anyone know a good vet (who won't overcharge us either)?
This process does transfer ground rent from areas of overcharge to areas of undercharge.
The sales rotate every week or two, and if you follow the pattern for a few cycles you see that every discount or freebie is offset by an overcharge (relative to market prices) for something else.
Even if they intend to overcharge us, who could have the heart to say no?
She'll eat a loss before handing over her driver's license to reverse an overcharge at Kmart.
One afternoon this week, I took a taxi and upon arrival at my destination, this taxi driver decided to overcharge me and my friend.
I don't see any reason to overcharge people who are doing me a favor by shopping with me.