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overcautious / слишком осторожный
имя прилагательное
слишком осторожный
overly cautious, over-cautious
имя прилагательное
excessively cautious.
An overcautious approach makes for dull environments.
The weathermen became overcautious and even attempted to evade the media.
State entities tend to be overcautious and complacent.
So it's not surprising that in their efforts to weed out fraudulent transactions, some are being overcautious and blocking legitimate sales as well.
His government is overcautious to the point of conservatism.
Although you're generally a risk-taker and consider most of your friends and colleagues at least slightly overcautious , I suggest you trust them this week.
A recent examination of the cutting applied to bottles fitted into hallmarked frames has proved time-honoured views about dating early English cutting to have been overcautious .
An overcautious approach makes for dull environments.
His articulate grasp of issues and willingness to say risky things will favorably contrast him with the overcautious candidates who parse every poll-tested word.
When using the roads, we will all notice the reckless or overcautious motorist, but would we pay any attention to the good driver?
One wonders if he is being overcautious , since there is a developmental thread connecting his four cases.