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overcapacity / избыточные производственные мощности
имя существительное
избыточные производственные мощности
имя существительное
the situation in which an industry or factory cannot sell as much as it can produce.
Now, if they're in an industry suffering from overcapacity and bloated asset prices, they should worry if vultures aren't in sight.
If the economy slows, overcapacity could crunch profits in China
It faces dramatic industry overcapacity and near-flat worldwide demand.
Concerned about overcapacity in the auto industry, policy makers in Beijing have been engaged in a lengthy effort to curb auto loans.
In a world of overcapacity , every company is desperate to sell what it can, if only to help offset its fixed costs.
margins were squeezed by overcapacity in the market
European mass-market car makers are struggling in the face of intense price competition brought on partly by overcapacity in the industry.
The hope is that, after so many years of cutting back, the industry has shed most of its overcapacity and is poised for an upturn as demand rebounds.
The worldwide overcapacity in steel is larger than the U.S. steel industry.
Management claims that its Brazilian plants suffer from overcapacity under conditions in which the internal market for autos has declined.
The move has essentially sabotaged Germany's construction industry, which is plagued by massive overcapacity .