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overbuy / покупать в слишком большом количестве
buy more of (something) than one needs.
the tendency to overbuy software
The sad thing is, the compulsion to overbuy doesn't end with food.
the tendency to overbuy software
the tendency to overbuy software
I hate supermarket shopping because I so enjoy it, and overbuy !
Be careful not to overbuy or underbuy your software.
The odds of that happening are good especially since the stock is so overbought .
The bond markets are oversold and equities are still overbought , despite the consolidation we've had.
At the same time, it reassures the customer that he is not overbuying , and allows him to quickly and easily evaluate how the product will solve his newly-identified storage problems.
What the brokers want is for shares to reflect their value, and if they become a little bit overbought , then that's no bad thing.
But a consultant may learn you've overbought certain categories of inventory that aren't moving well.