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overbook / продавать больше билетов, чем имеется посадочных мест
accept more reservations for (a flight, hotel, etc.) than there is room for.
airlines deliberately overbook some scheduled flights
airlines deliberately overbook some scheduled flights
They just overbook rooms, banking on the fact that people sometimes don't show up (so the hotel gets to keep their deposit).
They deliberately overbook flights on the assumption that some passengers will not arrive, offering compensation to passengers who are turned away.
Going against the standard thinking of other airlines, JetBlue doesn't overbook its flights, USA TODAY reports.
airlines deliberately overbook some scheduled flights
But we do have airlines that overbook aircraft.
Airlines from time to time overbook an aircraft because of the flexible nature of airline tickets.
An estimated 250,000 passengers a year are left behind at airports, because airlines regularly overbook their flights, while hundreds of thousands more miss connecting flights, or have to delay the start of their holiday.
Airlines traditionally overbook each flight in anticipation that several people will not turn up.
To minimize downtime, Field uses an airline tactic: he overbooks .