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overboard / за бортом, за борт
за бортом
overboard, outboard
за борт
overboard, overside
from a ship into the water.
the severe storm washed a man overboard
Three of these massive steel containers were lost overboard in the water of Man last November and only one has been recovered.
The yacht was suddenly engulfed by a huge wave while Mr Cammish was preparing the tow and he was washed overboard .
Aft of the galley is a head with an integral shower with sump to discharge shower water overboard .
But in the end the ship got stuck on the river bank and started spilling its cargo of timber overboard .
Then the trap is shut and Mark waits as Gerry repositions the boat and gives him the signal to drop it overboard .
He plays a vital role travelling ahead of us to check our intended route is safely passable and helping anyone who falls overboard .
He was seen tossing deckchairs into the water to give people who had already jumped overboard something to cling to.
I fell overboard and emerged from the water some 300 yards further down the weir.
Peering overboard , I see twisting whirlpools and black, churning water.
If she falls overboard , she has a transmitter fitted to her belt that can send a signal to release a liferaft from B&Q.