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overblown / отцветающий, непомерно раздутый, пронесшийся
имя прилагательное
непомерно раздутый
имя прилагательное
excessively inflated or pretentious.
overblown dreams of glory and success
(of a flower) past its prime.
an overblown rose
Realistic threats may be exaggerated or overblown , in which case correct and balanced information can be used to reduce them.
Forget your preconceptions about opera - - it is not all about screaming voices and overblown melodrama.
She saw Clint as an aging pretty-boy, a gifted entertainer with overblown artistic pretensions.
Of course, the fears of the critics may be hysterical or overblown , but in that case, one wonders why they can't just come out and tell us that.
Yet, the New York Times fails to make that distinction and pretends that the the desperation was overblown .
Their behaviour and pretensions were overblown but they put out a good deal of material that retains vitality more than 30 years later.
To say that the music is overblown and pretentious is rather an understatement.
So while I think this is a cause for concern, it's not cause for the kind of overblown rhetoric I've seen around the web.
Successful operas have powerful, involving stories, even if they're overblown , rhetorical and, indeed, operatic.
Yet it's not pretentiously overblown nor dragged down by fanboy baggage.