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overbalance / перевес, избыток
имя существительное
advantage, superiority, preponderance, overweight, odds, overbalance
excess, surplus, abundance, glut, overflow, overbalance
outweigh, override, overbalance, outbalance, tip, weigh down
exceed, transcend, surpass, excel, beat, overbalance
выводить из равновесия
unbalance, upset, overbalance
I fault the university for many things, but all are overbalanced by its unparalleled resources
имя существительное
excess of weight, value, or amount.
overbalance of propriety
It came free in a sudden rush and he felt himself overbalance .
Her sudden bolt as he had been about to catch her had caused Father to overbalance and fall in the dirt.
We didn't overbalance , but we did end up veering around a bit to stay upright.
I managed to sit down a little heavily into a canvas director's chair, causing me to overbalance and topple over backward.
If she leaned too far to go to the toilet, she'd overbalance entirely and never be able to get up again.
an overbalance of propriety
overbalance of propriety
Chad smirked and leaned closer, careful not to overbalance .
He could vault over a much smaller opponent without causing his victim to overbalance and fall.
She overbalanced and fell forwards, instinctively curling into a rolling ball.