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overawe / внушать благоговейный страх, держать в благоговейном страхе
внушать благоговейный страх
overawe, strike with awe
держать в благоговейном страхе
impress (someone) so much that they become silent or inhibited.
he used firepower to overawe the hostile tribes
No big occasion or additional responsibility will overawe him.
he used firepower to overawe the hostile tribes
You respect them for who they are, but you can't let that overawe you.
It stood in its own park, with a lodge and a drive, partly to give privacy, partly to impress or even overawe visitors.
He insists he is not overawed by the challenge of winning the South.
We were not overawed by their reputation as world champions, however, and physically there wasn't too much in it.
Crouching underneath two huge, tired-looking horse chestnut trees, we were overawed by the treasure trove among the fallen leaves.
She is overawed by the extent of the old-style dance revival and says she has had to put on extra classes to cope with demand.
Two years on, Buchanan admits he was overawed by the Olympic experience in Sydney.
Having eaten there but once - and I was a guest so didn't have to pay, either - I was almost overawed by its excellence.