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overate / переедать, объедаться
overeat, overfeed, surfeit
overeat, gorge, stuff, engorge, overfeed, gormandize
eat too much.
the effect of overeating is weight gain
Such research does not tell us anything important about overeating that we didn't already know.
A denied craving can quickly spiral out of control, leading to bingeing or overeating .
That was the only night I really felt close to overeating , partly because of the champagne and wine we drank.
A meal in the morning boosts your energy and brainpower, say experts, and can ward off mood swings and overeating later in the day.
The sense of danger which occurs when you do not overeat feels greater than the suffering you experience because you are overeating .
In fact, the principal eating disorder in the United Kingdom today is overeating .
Moreover, foods rich in fat are delicious and easily lead to overeating .
Scientists who turned their attention to nutrition in the nineteenth century began to argue against overeating .
Overweight people often have low self-esteem, easily adopt the role of a failure and even punish themselves by overeating again.
Many other factors conspired to make overeating acceptable and increase people's waistlines.