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overage / избыток, излишек
имя существительное
excess, surplus, abundance, glut, overflow, overage
over, surplus, excess, overage, superfluity, superabundance
имя прилагательное
overgrown, outgrown, overage
имя прилагательное
over a certain age limit.
a team of overage and underage ball players
имя существительное
an excess or surplus, especially the amount by which a sum of money is greater than a previous estimate.
In this concept, energy not used by the household would be fed back into a main grid, resulting in a credit to the user's account, while overages would similarly receive extra energy from that grid and be charged accordingly.
If the costs run past the draw, I'm to pull the overage from the profits off that high-risk account.
The retainer is to use all reasonable endeavours to obtain security for the overage .
If the amount collected from all responsible persons exceeds the amount due, the IRS then refunds the excess to the person whose payment caused the overage .
After the base received an overage of drinking water, base officials decided to place the boxes in strategic locations around the base so water would be easily accessible.
Things didn't work out because they didn't want to have two overage goaltenders.
From May to September, it was the summer of the pseudo-scandals: Gary Condit, shark attacks and overage Little Leaguers.
Mr. Panton was directed to traffic operations to pay duties and taxes on the overage .
Only three of our 18 players will be overage next year so there is great hope for the future of the game in this area.
Registration for underage players is €16 and registration for overage players is €26.
Then the next higher dose would have dumped a huge overage of free drug into the blood, and all at once.