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overact / переигрывать, утрировать, шаржировать
replay, overplay, overact, emote, ham, mug
exaggerate, overdo, overact
overact, overdo
(of an actor) act a role in an exaggerated manner.
a weepy actress with a strong tendency to overact
Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix, two actors I don't like very much, perform convincingly and, more important, don't overact and chew the scenery.
At times, they do tend to overact or appear patronizing to viewers.
a weepy actress with a strong tendency to overact
Dahl's caricatures could eclipse a production when performed by a cast of skilled actors allowed to overact to their hearts' content, as is the case here.
a weepy actress with a strong tendency to overact
Her lack of theater training shows (in a good way) because she is one of the few actors who doesn't overact .
But unless you're a huge fan of the Wayans and their ability to overact , you should probably hold on to your money.
These poorly-articulated frog suits leave the actors inside with little choice but to overact and gesticulate.
The web-slinging and the dizzying scenes from the heights of New York City plus William Defoe's amazing ability to overact to the point of absurdity all made this movie great fun.
Unfortunately, its comedy potential is sapped from the start by overacting and exaggerated direction.