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ovation / овация, бурные аплодисменты
имя существительное
бурные аплодисменты
имя существительное
a sustained and enthusiastic show of appreciation from an audience, especially by means of applause.
the performance received a thundering ovation
a processional entrance into Rome by a victorious commander, of lesser honor than a triumph.
Dozens walked out, banging doors behind them, but the great majority stayed, and gave the performance an enthusiastic ovation .
The tension that normally accompanies such crucial and deciding matches was never evident and when the final whistle sounded, they stood their ground, giving their players an enthusiastic ovation .
Needless to say, Mr Hoebig was accorded a huge ovation by the large audience, as well as his fellow musicians.
The camaraderie among the students was such that there was thunderous applause and ovation for excellence, irrespective of the institution to which the performers belonged.
York-based steel band Steel Expression added a modern twist to some festive classics and their version of Sleigh Ride received a long ovation from the audience.
And that's hardly surprising given the splendid performance he produced and the wonderful ovation he received from a Killarney audience that appreciated quality.
Their singing was beautiful and they received a rapturous ovation from the audience.
the performance received a thundering ovation
She arrived to an enthusiastic ovation and spoke, as she almost always does, quite extemporaneously.
Whatever the shortcomings of the staging, this was an enthralling occasion, received with a thunderous ovation .