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oval / овал
имя существительное
oval, ellipse
имя прилагательное
oval, ovate, elliptical, elliptic, olivary, oviform
имя прилагательное
having a rounded and slightly elongated outline or shape, like that of an egg.
her smooth oval face
имя существительное
a body, object, or design with an oval shape or outline.
cut out two small ovals from the felt
Otherwise there is no point even walking out onto the oval .
Dale watched for five minutes until it was clear that all the band was going to do was march endlessly around the track oval playing the same song over and over again.
I sketched on the board the three geometric shapes (circle, oval and triangle) to be used.
The soup tureens in that service are of conventional oval shape.
Their bodies are longer and leaner, more snake-like, and their eyes are vertical oval shapes.
It is a large blond cookie of about a foot in length made with olive oil and shaped like an oval leaf.
The normally oval spinal canal enlarges slightly by bending forward and narrows with standing and leaning back.
Her face was a delicate oval shape with slightly tilted amethyst eyes and a pert nose with full lips.
This small extension was shaped in an oval that fit perfectly around the right eye.
Other schools played with different shapes and sizes of ball until the oval ball gained favour to facilitate handling and passing.