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outvote / забаллотировать, иметь перевес голосов
blackball, outvote, vote down, pill, pip
иметь перевес голосов
defeat by tallying a greater number of votes.
It seems unlikely that simply being outvoted would deflect them from their path.
Therefore, the large countries must be given greater influence and be able to outvote a minority of countries by majority decisions.
If the present rules were retained, the entry of many relatively smaller and economically weak countries would either paralyse the EU completely, or the smaller countries could outvote the larger ones.
The race would be tight every month, I should imagine, with Republicans and Democrats trying to outvote each other.
You only have to outvote , outspend or outshout them.
So district councillors, through the casting vote of the chairman, could outvote all other members.
At party congresses, the revisionists, who argued for a reconciliation with the existing social order, were regularly outvoted .
If you don't do something now, you're going to be outnumbered and outvoted in your own country.
The use of qualified majority voting in the Council was an obvious constraint: any individual government might be outvoted .
Ministers on the council must answer to their national constituencies, but they can easily claim to have been outvoted in Brussels.
The meeting turned to farce as Conservatives staged a walkout, having been outvoted on their amendments to the budget.