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outstrip / опережать, обгонять, превосходить
advance, outpace, outstrip, anticipate, lead, outrun
outrun, pass, outstrip, outrace, outdistance, outdrive
exceed, transcend, surpass, excel, beat, outstrip
move faster than and overtake (someone else).
Even 10 years ago girls were outstripping boys when it came to winning a university place.
In her 80s Halprin continues to work at a pace that would outstrip dancers half her age.
The young student starts to outstrip the old master.
The plan reports that the demand for affordable housing continues to grow as house prices outstrip many people's incomes.
Women are beginning to outstrip men as a percentage of total employees.
If property prices were included in the reckoning, London would easily outstrip the rest of Britain.
At some point, internal productivity gains outstrip market growth, creating excess capacity.
The ambitions driving the AU concept far outstrip the material resources available to make the vision work.
There's a sense in which we ought not outstrip him.
But as we know, the pupil has now far outstripped the master.
Since demand outstrips supply, the problem has become chronic.