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outstretch / протягивать, вытягивать, растягивать
extend, stretch out, hold out, reach, outstretch, hold forth
stretch, extend, draw, draw out, spread, outstretch
stretch, stretch out, pull, expand, extend, outstretch
extend or stretch out (something, especially a hand or arm).
I walked with my arms outstretched
All you do is outstretch your arms and begin spinning - slowly at first and then faster and faster.
Annabelle nodded, outstretching her arms towards the little child.
At the very last moment, the figure outstretched his arm towards the hurled knife and opened his palm wide.
Everything went blank and he gave in and outstretched his hand to Jesse.
He looked up and saw the man outstretching a hand to her.
Some athletes clearly possess talent that outstretches their capacity for hard work, while other athletes overachieve as a result of ferocious dedication, teamwork, and attention to detail.
She outstretched her hand in an attempt to halt her already dashing sister, but she was too far.
When Jenny turned her head back to David, the boy had already outstretched his hand to her.
I turned to see the awakening Eli outstretching his arms, mouth wide open.
Upon noticing her state he hurriedly outstretched his hand and mumbled an apology as he helped her off of the ground.