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outspoken / откровенный, прямой, искренний
имя прилагательное
frank, explicit, outspoken, open, forthright, straightforward
direct, right, straight, outright, straightforward, outspoken
sincere, genuine, candid, heartfelt, honest, outspoken
имя прилагательное
frank in stating one's opinions, especially if they are critical or controversial.
he has been outspoken in his criticism
She spent her entire life being outspoken , passionate, opinionated and difficult.
The press do not know what to make of these outspoken , confident fanatics.
Initially, BBC bosses had said the outspoken builder's return would be good television.
The government, wary of being so outspoken , is nevertheless hurling brains and billions at the problem.
Such commentators have rarely been so outspoken about men who take golfing holidays or work away from home.
Occasionally he even forgets he is supposed to be promoting his next television drama and becomes outspoken .
Like me, you've got a bit of a reputation for being outspoken on the subject of human rights, haven't you?
They still believe it, but they're not so outspoken and extreme in what they think.
He is still as outspoken as ever and although he defends public radio he is highly critical of television.
His outspoken views and caustic attitude were guaranteed to make enemies.