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outsource / аутсорсинг
obtain (goods or a service) from an outside or foreign supplier, especially in place of an internal source.
outsourcing components from other countries
Companies that want to outsource hosting services can no longer assume a provider's financial stability.
As long as they can outsource the work to you, they don't think it's their problem.
This reduces risk, and can form the basis of an informed decision to outsource all IT services at some future stage.
There's another compelling reason for marketers and agencies to outsource this type of service, Park adds.
It will outsource customer service and claims handling and will use the internet to market itself.
To lower labor and environmental costs, major companies in the West outsource manufacturing work to developing countries.
you may choose to outsource this function to another company or do it yourself
The workers were protesting management's decision to outsource some work, despite requests by the employees not to do so.
Sometimes it may be better to outsource this service using a maintenance contract.
A lot of companies outsource their programming work into developing countries.