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outsider / аутсайдер, посторонний человек, сторонний наблюдатель
имя существительное
посторонний человек
stranger, outsider, outlier, outman
сторонний наблюдатель
имя прилагательное
extraneous, outside, outsider, external, outlier, exterior
имя существительное
a person who does not belong to a particular group.
Before the invention of doctrine, you can distinguish outsiders because they belong to a tribe.
a competitor, applicant, etc., thought to have little chance of success.
he started as a rank outsider for the title
Suddenly alarm bells start going off when you realise that not only will you not be getting flowers but even the prospect of a card is a rank outsider .
But there's still a slim chance that the outsider will win, and that will be enough to keep people watching.
There were the popular kids and then there was me, the outsider who didn't belong to any of the categories that made up our school.
Imprinted people live in their own world of symbols, and their behavior to an outsider would appear strange.
For that kind of money they will need to bet on a rank outsider .
to the outsider, glitzy fashion shows may seem an outrageous extravagance
she felt that his friends despised her as an outsider
he started as a rank outsider
Dylan had always been a loner and an outsider ; now he was more isolated than ever.
You may even feel like an outsider - a foreigner in your own country.