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outside / вне, снаружи, наружу
outside, out, beyond, outward
outside, out, from the outside, without, on the outside, outwardly
out, outside, outward, outwards, forth
outside, out, out of, beyond, outside of, without
за пределами
outside, outside of, past, beyond the pale of
except, but, except for, besides, save, outside
имя прилагательное
external, outer, foreign, outside, outdoor, exterior
outer, external, outdoor, outside, exterior, outward
extraneous, outside, outsider, external, outlier, exterior
имя существительное
appearance, exterior, look, outside, externality, outward
наружная сторона
outside, exterior, external
внешний мир
external world, outer world, outward, outside, outness, things without us
имя прилагательное
situated on or near the exterior or external surface of something.
put the outside lights on
not belonging to or coming from within a particular group.
I have some outside help
highest possible; greatest; maximum.
new monthly charges that, according to outside estimates, may total $8 per line
имя существительное
the external side or surface of something.
record the date on the outside of the file
situated or moving beyond the boundaries or confines of.
there was a boy outside the door
beyond the limits or scope of.
the high cost of shipping has put it outside their price range
Since I came from an outside school, I had no idea about the situation of the tutors.
Just try to hit the ball up the middle or go the other way with outside pitches.
One day they took a walk outside of the town.
At midnight the owner turns off the outside lights so we can see the stars.
There are outside lights at the front and rear of the house, and a 10 year structural guarantee.
It is suggested you drive with headlights on and leave your outside lights on tonight.
Those remarks were moral judgments outside the scope of any special judicial expertise.
On many farms younger members of the family are seeking careers outside the industry.
The affairs of the town, the country and the outside world meant little to them.
When she got to his house, the outside light was on as was the kitchen light.