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outset / боковик, начало, отправление
имя существительное
start, starting, beginning, outbreak, origin, outset
administration, departure, dispatch, transmission, despatch, outset
имя существительное
the start or beginning of something.
a field of which he had known nothing at the outset and learned on the job
the project was flawed from the outset
Trapping very fast on the wide outside he had his opponents in trouble from the outset .
He acknowledges that one potential problem was not becoming a trustee himself from the outset .
There was only one side trying to play rugby from the outset at Percy Road.
First of all, make sure you decide from the outset how much you are willing to spend.
I want my email program to be well-behaved, and reasonably secure from the outset .
At the outset of the war there appeared to be three scenarios facing allied forces.
As I said from the outset , I think this whole conception is fundamentally in error.
From the outset , we were invited to believe that compassion and warfare would be interwoven.
Overwhelmingly negative from the outset , the campaign has been all about being right.