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outsell / продаваться лучше или дороже, чем другой товар
sell or be sold in greater quantities than.
his first foray into the thriller area could well outsell his other books
some experts predict that diesels will outsell petrol cars
his first foray into the thriller area could well outsell his other books
Unfortunately, a lack of official team licences and a combination of amateurish presentation and arcane menus has meant the game has always been outsold by the glossy Fifa series.
While all are high-quality products, the old-fashioned, oversized, wood-fired country loaf still far outsells all of the other products combined.
A few months ago, Tesco reported that cod was being outsold by salmon because the ‘king of fish’ is 20p per pound cheaper.
At its launch in the London area it outsold the popular Yorkie bar.
Indeed, in the two years since publication, only the Bible has outsold it.
For that brief moment in pop-culture history when turntables outsold guitars, did record companies ever try to force an image on them?
You know, the Latino influence you can see certainly in terms of salsa outsells ketchup.
Last year's final at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium outsold the FA Cup Final that was held in the same venue, which shouts success by any yardstick.