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outrun / опережать, обгонять, убегать
advance, outpace, outstrip, anticipate, lead, outrun
outrun, pass, outstrip, outrace, outdistance, outdrive
run away, escape, run, run off, skidoo, outrun
surpass, distill, distil, ferry, outdistance, outrun
преступать пределы
run or travel faster or farther than.
Sometimes the chase is inconclusive: the fox outsmarts or outruns its pursuers and gets away.
it's harder than anyone imagines to outrun destiny
He accelerated, hoping to outrun his three remaining pursuers and buy him enough time to seek safe passage.
A wily fox will outrun a pack of hounds, but never a bullet.
But the truth cannot be outrun or escaped; it must be survived.
their one chance was to outrun their pursuers
They crash a police blockade and outrun pursuers in a chase.
Then all four started running through the tunnel as Anthony, Mike, and Johnny took off in three different directions, trying to outrun their pursuers.
They were gaining on me, and even if I couldn't outrun them, I most definitely couldn't fight them all off.
Knowing that she would never be able to outrun her pursuer, the girl quickly stepped behind a tree and crouched down.
They are outclassed and outrun by trends in the world economy that are beyond the ability of the political class to control or direct.