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outrigger / валек, аутригер, выносная стрела
имя существительное
outrigger, paddle, battledore, swingletree
выносная стрела
имя существительное
a beam, spar, or framework projecting from or over the side of a ship or boat.
To reduce windage, powerboat owners should lower antennas and outriggers .
The outboard motor growled to life and our outrigger kept us on an even keel while sea-birds sat on sharp, spume-glistening rocks, watching our heaving progress with mild interest.
Their ships normally look much like a flattened arrowhead with two round outrigger pods on the sides containing their weapons.
The Hawaiian outrigger canoe is part of the cultural heritage of America's only Island State.
It's possible to rent an outrigger canoe and go to some of the more special places for snorkelling.
The canoe was over 20 feet long, he noted, and made from a hollowed-out tree with an outrigger on both sides.
Although pulled along by the frantic animal, he swiftly grabs an outrigger and slides smoothly back on board.
Their boats are outrigger canoes, and outboard engines are not allowed.
The traditional bangka, an outrigger canoe, is still in common use for fishing and local transport.
This time we will be assembling an outrigger canoe.
I sat out on the beam, putting my weight on the outrigger .