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outrider / верховой, коммивояжер, верховой сопровождающий экипаж
имя существительное
rider, outrider
traveling salesman, salesman, commercial traveler, tout, traveler, outrider
верховой сопровождающий экипаж
имя существительное
a person in a motor vehicle or on horseback who goes in front of or beside a vehicle as an escort or guard.
an escort of police outriders
The traffic is stopped by a police outrider ; another police bike shepherds through the Prime Minister's Rover, coming east down Constitution Hill.
The outrider is the person in a mass-transport who risks capture to save the others.
He spent 30 years with the association, holding down positions as a outrider , paddock judge, and clerk of scales before his retirement in 1995.
At present I am trying to have the number of my police motorcycle outriders increased from two to six - as the dignity of the office deserves.
As the cortège, pictured here, appeared, slowly progressing towards the church escorted by two police motorcycle outriders , the Marines sloped arms.
By the time he arrived, he was accompanied by six motorcycle outriders and a posse of huge security guards.
The vehicles were forced back on to the motorway, where they were surrounded by police vans and motorcycle outriders on the way back to London.
The main town would be the central point of an area with the outriding hamlets and villages contributing to the town's collection.
Police outriders escorted the procession from Lowton Civic Hall to the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital at Pendlebury.
I had great admiration for the police outriders who had to maintain control of their vehicles at slow speed and under a rain of well meant missiles… they had many more miles to cover.