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outreach / пропаганда, расширение
имя существительное
propaganda, advocacy, outreach
expansion, extension, enlargement, widening, development, outreach
exceed, surpass, go beyond, outreach, top, transcend
exceed, transcend, surpass, excel, beat, outreach
имя существительное
the extent or length of reaching out.
But we should be worried about this, at least if we're to be measured by our impact and outreach .
reach further than.
If you are not prepared to have someone make a comparison with other Western democracies, then, in my view, you are totally outreaching your authority in this House.
He is particularly effective against linebackers, who he can typically outreach and outrun.
the growth of evangelistic outreach
Hopefully, new outreach education efforts will keep things that way.
At the same time, the National Institute on Drug Abuse has stepped up efforts aimed at education and community outreach .
In community outreach contexts, client groups are potential targets of intergroup comparison.
Project ideas include educational workshops, community outreach and education opportunities, master classes, seminars and clinics.
There is an interactive history and an extensive examination of Australian religious identity, practices, beliefs and organisations of outreach and welfare.
her goal is to increase educational outreach
A spokesman for the Church Commissioners said the money saved on the salaries would be refocused into community outreach and missionary work.
outreach centres