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outrank / превосходить, иметь более высокий ранг, быть старше по званию
exceed, transcend, surpass, excel, beat, outrank
иметь более высокий ранг
быть старше по званию
have a higher rank than (someone else).
a father figure to many of the junior officers theoretically outranking him
When he asks you for an answer to a question, you almost feel as though you outrank him, he is so polite.
I figure it's just my imagination, but then in another moment he lifts his hand, the one not holding his drink, and, as if I outrank him, gives me a salute.
In spite of this custom, the special exemptions from following suit still only extends to the trumps that outrank the king.
If both ended up on the same committee, she would outrank him if there were an opening for chairman or ranking member.
I do not see that you would be able to patronise or outrank an independent person.
They did not make loud noises as they were very aware that I had a very high rank in the chain school and that they could never outrank me.
I vowed never again to let anyone talk me into doing something dumb, no matter how much they outranked me by pay grade or flight time.
She outranked him, and had such an independent personality that he was surprised to remember on the few occasions when she reversed their roles that she was three years his junior.
The culture and social fabric of Mauritius was woven around the sugar cane plantations and even now the industry outranks tourism as the major employer, though probably not for much longer.
That meant that technically she outranked him.