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outrageous / возмутительный, неистовый, вопиющий
имя прилагательное
outrageous, scandalous, shocking, invidious, ungodly, crying
violent, outrageous, frantic, frenetic, berserk, fierce
crying, flagrant, blatant, egregious, glaring, outrageous
имя прилагательное
shockingly bad or excessive.
an outrageous act of bribery
very bold, unusual, and startling.
her outrageous leotards and sexy routines
Among these many worlds, the underworld of that age was representative of the outrageous , brash and lawless life.
Jimmy was nearly disqualified under the rule that says you have to present an unlikely tale of outrageous fortune to claim a lottery prize.
She talked about this, denouncing it, calling it outrageous .
You would have never done something so outrageous like this before.
I think that this Congress owes it to the American people to get to the bottom of this outrageous scandal.
They can present any outrageous claim they choose to without even having to go through the motions of defending it.
Anyone who has read any interviews with the composer, let alone listened to his music, will know that these claims are outrageous .
This kind of outrageous dishonesty should not be rewarded at the ballot box.
Yelena still insists that I would have placed better last time if my dress had been more outrageous .
And so every night at the bar, I'm bartending in a different, completely outrageous outfit.