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outpouring / излияние, излияние чувств
имя существительное
outpouring, effusion, outpour, gush, spate, issue
излияние чувств
outpouring, gush
имя существительное
something that streams out rapidly.
a massive outpouring of high-energy gamma rays
Alas, as these charts demonstrate, the outpouring of aid for the tsunami has not been matched in other disasters.
There was an outpouring of reactions, many in a creative way.
I could go on and on and on to describe the outpouring of support for the families that have been impacted by this horrific tragedy.
A massive outpouring of charity had made this reconstruction possible.
I will never fully recover from the loss, but your outpouring of kindness and understanding has made her death that much more bearable.
But that is trivial compared to some of the other claims being made during the current outpouring of drivel.
It is difficult to understand what he hoped to achieve by his outpouring of vitriol.
The current outpouring of books offering quick slurps of great thinkers for busy folk is remarkably blokeish.
I've had an extreme outpouring of support from my teammates, my family and my friends from all over the country.
The result will be a massive outpouring of funds to serve others.