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outpost / аванпост, застава, сторожевая застава
имя существительное
outpost, gate, barrier, turnpike, bar
сторожевая застава
outpost, picket, piquet
имя существительное
a small military camp or position at some distance from the main force, used especially as a guard against surprise attack.
After the attack on the outpost , he kept the battalion moving.
a remote part of a country or empire.
You do not need to be reminded that it is no longer an English organization with headquarters on the banks of the Thames and outposts scattered about the Empire on which the sun was said never to set.
The island becomes an outpost of civilization in the midst of a strange culture.
the community is the last outpost of civilization in the far north
After the attack on the outpost , he kept the battalion moving.
The countdown has begun to a celebration of York's past as a vital outpost of a multi-national empire, with the city's second annual Roman Festival.
To get this gun to the military outpost , we'll need to drive.
The Scottish Office, after all, was never intended to do anything other than administer a regional outpost of central government.
The restaurant is an outpost of Arts and Crafts-style elegance.
Plus, each base has its own set of resources, and so if you want to keep troops at an outpost or stronghold, you have to continually ferry food to them so they don't starve.
Through a volatile century of international relations beginning in the 1870s, the coastal area of this land was a military outpost dedicated to the protection of the bay.
The land he first visited in 1809-11 was a rugged outpost of the Ottoman Empire, which had ruled the Greeks since the fifteenth century.