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outperform / делать лучше, чем другой
делать лучше, чем другой
perform better than.
an experienced employee will outperform the novice
The way I learned it is that in the long run stock investments outperform bonds.
Over the eighteen-year horizon from birth until university, shares are likely to outperform all other mainstream investments.
Discerning investments in art will outperform the equity markets and is currently a better bet for me than anything else.
an experienced employee will outperform the novice
girls outperform boys in maths
Even if foreign investments outperform domestic ones, he adds, higher fees eat up the extra return.
I'm even comfortable with the ups and downs of the stock market, knowing that shares outperform every other investment over the long term.
Do you congratulate players when they win and outperform others or when they try hard and improve?
That said, equity-based investments are expected to outperform cash in the longer term.
In comparing our performance to other long distance operators, we outperform many.